Illegal? A fad? A scam? Unregulated? What is Cryptocurrency?

Digital Money Demystified is an expertly researched, engaging, and informative guide that separates fact from fiction in the wild world of crypto by tackling the most common myths of this emerging asset class.  

With well-sourced data and facts, and “ripped from the headlines” examples about the promise and pitfalls of crypto assets, well-respected legal, policy, and crypto education expert Dr. Tonya M. Evans, tackles misinformation and fear, uncertainty, and doubt (aka FUD) to right-size the conversation with an economic empowerment and financial inclusion approach to the decentralized web’s future of work, wealth, and creativity. 

Digital Money Demystified empowers investors and future-forward business owners to go from “crypto curious” to confident while avoiding the scammers, carnival barkers, and status quo hawkers. This is the right book in the right voice at the right time.

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