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Fast-track your journey from cash to crypto in this Challenge so you can avoid the biggest mistake struggling crypto investors make that will cause you to lose Clarity, Confidence, and Coins.

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Registration ends on Friday, July 13, 2023 at 8 pm ET

If you rushed into the market to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without all the facts in a fear of missing out frenzy, you are not alone. When the value of the crypto asset industry took a nosedive in 2022 maybe you quickly sold your holdings because of a fear of losing out. Lots of nervous new investors did that, too. But folks are starting to buy again to get the return they missed out on when they were sitting on the sidelines.

And now that bitcoin has increased in value from $16K in December 2022 to over $28K this month (a 64% positive change!), Ethereum and other blue-chip cryptocurrencies are up, and CNBC recently reported that analysts predict the crypto winter is over and bitcoin could hit $100,000 by the end of 2024, now you’re faced with yet another fear: fear of getting (back) in.

See a theme here? Every move was motivated by fear: an emotional response to a perceived threat.

The best way to deal with crypto investment risks is to arm yourself with the right coaching, community and content so you can stop losing time and opportunities to make serious money moves in the new digital cash economy.

Learn secure strategies to avoid scams and schemes, and the game-changing truth of what banks don’t want you to know about money.

This Challenge empowers you with the most common mistake inexperienced crypto investors make that leads to loss of precious time, money and freedom, three things you cannot afford to waste. 

Especially if you’re moving into “you season” and you’re worried about whether you’ll have enough money and assets to ride into retirement and reap the benefits of living well for a life well lived.If you’re serious about gaining financial freedom in the digital economy, this Challenge will help you go from confused to confident. Don’t gamble with your future, invest in a sure bet. YOU!

General Admission

With a $97 general admission ticket, you’ll experience  the daily training via livestream in the Advantage Evans Academy private Inner Circle community—powered by Mighty Networks plus:

  • *3-day one-hour trainings
  • *24-hour access to replay
  • *From Cash to Crypto Checklist

VIP Experience

Upgrade to the VIP experience for $200 more to join me for the training + live Q&A session in Zoom Meeting each day.

  • *3-day one-hour trainings
  • *24-hour access to replay
  • *Challenge Workbook
  • *From Cash to Crypto Checklist
  • Live Q&A Session Participation
  • Chance to attend the Platinum BONUS Session


**Platinum VIPs will have Q&A priority and a free “backstage” pass to the BONUS session AND a chance to win a 1 hour 1:1 with me (a $1,000 value). Platinum VIP slots are VERY limited and are available only Monday, May 15th -16th, so stay tuned.**

VIP Money Back Guarantee:

**100% Money Back “Showed Up But It’s Not for Me” VIP Guarantee**

Attend the sessions, complete the milestones and not if you believe the value received was not worth what you paid, send an email with “not for me” in the subject line and receive a no questions asked refund + keep all of the tools and resources I share with you. 

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