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Let me take your work force from here ...
crypto confused
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Leave the details to me.

Experts agree that reskilling and upskilling your workforce increases retention, productivity and your competitive advantage. But with so many carnival barkers in the emerging virtual currency asset class screaming “ALL CRYPTO” or “NEVER CRYPTO”, it’s impossible to separate fact from fiction (and fraud).

Until now.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve wanted to want to remain competitive, relevant, productive,  you’ve been wading through the deluge of information on cable news, websites, social media and (of course) YouTube University. There’s a lot of FOMO out there and you want to ride the wave. But you don’t want to drown or swept away by the strong under toe of misinformation and FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). 

Consider me your life boat to ensure you not only survive this tidal wave of change in financial markets, you THRIVE!

You are well positioned and well resourced but extremely busy (and risk adverse). You need an unbiased, supportive and straightforward way to learn how to buy cryptocurrencies and begin to develop the type of generational wealth only available to the most savvy, forward-thinking people.

I am just like you. I used to believe cryptocurrency was too complicated, too confusing and WAY too risky. But I invested 10,000+ hours of time and fell down countless rabbit holes in search of a way to empower others to learn from my experience. Then I developed the first blockchain, cryptocurrency and law online certificate program offered by a law school in the world. And then I created the Advantage Evans Academy to empower historically marginalized people left behind in the dot com era, but ready to position themselves on the leading edge of innovation and opportunity.

Bottom line? I’ve worked hard to make it all make sense so you don’t have to.

I want to share what I’ve learned with YOU!

With your goals of financial freedom and security the digital economy in mind, I created this exclusive, high-end onboarding service for people just like YOU. I’ve done the heavy lifting and sorted through the jumbled jargon and confusing so you don’t have to. Look. You’re busy but not too busy to realize that the future of wealth, especially generational wealth, depends on you. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • A three hour 1:1 VIP coaching session with Prof. Evans
  • Complimentary one year membership in the AE EXPLORE LIVE Club 
  • Warm wallet analysis and set up
  • Cold storage wallet purchase and set up
  • Seed word safety best practices
  • Public/Private key and 2FA management
  • Crypto exchange set up and asset transfer
  • Confident crypto asset vetting strategies
  • Four Things You Must Know Before Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Overview
  • Step-by-Step Guides for DeFi (what, when, why, where and how)
  • Tax Compliance Overview and Resources
  • Estate planning inventory sheet and best practices
  • Carefully curated content accessed via online modules
  • Resources, checklists and milestones
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Crypto wallet and exchange account set-up
  • 24/7 access to online curated content
  • Industry-specific guidance and support

What you will learn:

  • How to compare different types of coins and tokens
  • Uses beyond currencies in numerous industries & sectors
  • How to exchange dollars for crypto, & crypto-for-crypto
  • About mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Ways to earn crypto by shopping & learning online
  • Regulatory, estate planning and tax issues
  • Investing and trading basics
  • How blockchain might disrupt your industry and how to identify and leverage opportunities
  • And more!

~Arlan Hamilton, Founder Backstage Capital and HireRunner~

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