Decode The Future™

Decode the Future™ of Work and Wealth:
Demystify Crypto, DeFi & NFTs

Join Professor Tonya M. Evans for a three-day long intimate, workshop-style course that includes three live coaching sessions, videos and other well-curated content in a self-guided multi-lesson module experience, active learning exercises and milestones, and an Accreditable digital certificate of mastery on completion so you can upskill in the competitive workforce with credentials that set you apart from the pack in the new economy. Enrollment includes 90-day ALL ACCESS pass to the online modules and monthly “office hours” with Prof. Tonya.

*limited enrollment for high engagement*

| October 1-3 |

PRE-ENROLL FOR JUST $499 by 9/15 ($999 after)

Most crypto courses teach you what digital money is.

How to buy it, trade it, “HODL” it and sell it. But those courses rarely, if ever, prepare you for the legal consequences of missteps and misinformation.

  • How to vet wallets and exchanges.
  • How to fundraise without violating securities laws.
  • How to prepare your taxes.
  • How to create an estate plan to successfully pass your crypto assets to the next generation.
  • Or how to protect your crypto art and not violate intellectual property laws when you mint and create. 

But ignorance of the law is no excuse.

And relying on search engines, social media or anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not a lawyer but …” is a recipe for legal disaster. Look. Getting into crypto, DeFi and NFTs without a solid foundation in the law, can get you into really hot water and expose you and your assets to unnecessary risk and potential legal liability. 

Invest in yourself to learn while you earn by applying to enroll in this course.

You will develop the necessary skills, receive tools, access resources, engage in best practices and learn from a legal expert and demonstrated leader who has taught hundreds of students to get in and win in the digital cash economy. Especially those historically excluded and left on the sidelines of tech and finance.

It’s YOUR time to shine. 

This exclusive and engaging opportunity is for you if:

Ready to Learn & Earn

You are crypto-curious and ready to build a solid foundation to give you confidence to win in the digital cash economy

Ready for a Refresher

You are a current Advantage Evans Academy investor, entrepreneur or artists who needs an in-depth refresher to maximize your investment

Ready to Level Up

You’ve bought some crypto and  you’re wondering “what’s next”  and want to take your investment and engagement to the next level


We meet for 3 live sessions via video conferencing. You have access for 90 days to the course modules that include self-guided curated content developed to support live session learning, monthly office hours to keep up with latest trends during your All-Access Enrollment, replays and your community of awesome cohort participants. The workshop is intended to give everyone a solid foundation, real time information + milestones, access to an expert and an online classroom of information and resources that you can return to over and again (including live session replays). You will also receive invitations to various events and educational opportunities. 

Crystal Houston, Chief Strategist | Tonya M. Evans, Founder & CEO

Schedule (subject to minor revision):

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 1
  • Meet Your Instructor & Cohort 
  • Online Content Overview
  • Crypto, DeFi and NFT Fundamentals
  • Active Learning Exercises
Session 2
  • Confident Vetting and Investing Crypto Assets 
  • Crypto Tax + Estate Planning 
  • Active learning Exercises
Session 3
  • NFTs + Creativity 
  • NFTs Beyond Creativity 
  • Active Learning Exercises 
  • Takeaways & Call to Action! 

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