NFT Law Guide™

NFT Law Guide™ for Creatives & Collectors Course

PRE-ENROLLMENT EXTENDED: Now opens on Monday, April 19, 2021 via Thinkific

This self-paced multi-lesson, multi-module course includes carefully curated information to educate and empower artists and collectors about the critical legal issues and essential strategies you need in order to succeed in the booming non-fungible token marketplace.

This course, created and taught by intellectual property, innovation and technology lawyer and law professor, Dr. Tonya M. Evans, will answer essential questions like:

  • What is intellectual property?
  • What’s the difference between copyright, trademark, patent?
  • What rights are created when an artist mints an NFT?
  • What rights are transferred to an NFT marketplace?
  • What rights are acquired by a collector?
  • What’s the difference between rights in the NFT and in the underlying art or collectible?
  • What happens if someone creates an NFT of my work? How do I stop them?
  • How can I participate in secondary market sales?
  • What rights do I, as a collector, retain if I resell NFT art?

What you can expect in this course:

  1. Carefully curated online content (videos, articles, podcasts and infographics)
  2. Instructor narrated slide presentations and videos that will continue to be added over the lifetime of your enrollment
  3. Live “ask me anything” sessions to tap into Professor Evans’ IP, crypto and entertainment law subject matter expertise and to explore the foundational content, current events and your questions in greater depth.
  4. Access to the student community
  5. An Accredible digital certificate (the world’s most comprehensive digital badge and certificate platform)

Enrollment investment:

  • Lifetime access + live sessions: $750
  • Monthly membership: $125 (lifetime access live session bonus does not apply)


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