Summer Cohort

Decode The Future of Money "Fine Print"

Join Professor Tonya M. Evans for a three day long intimate, workshop-style course that includes live coaching, well-curated content and an Accreditable digital certificate of mastery so you can upskill in the competitive workforce with credentials that set you apart from the pack in the new economy.

|August 6-8|

Most crypto courses teach you what digital money is.


How to buy it, trade it, “HODL” it and sell it. But those courses rarely, if ever, prepare you for the legal consequences of missteps and misinformation.


  • How to vet wallets and exchanges.
  • How to fundraise without violating securities laws.
  • How to prepare your taxes.
  • How to create an estate plan to successfully pass your crypto assets to the next generation.
  • Or how to protect your crypto art and not violate intellectual property laws when you mint and create. 

But ignorance of the law is no excuse.

And relying on search engines, social media or anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not a lawyer but …” is a recipe for legal disaster. Look. Getting into crypto, DeFi and NFTs without a solid foundation in the law, can get you into really hot water and expose you and your assets to unnecessary risk and potential legal liability. 


Invest in yourself to learn while you earn by applying to enroll in this course.

You will develop the necessary skills, receive tools, access resources, engage in best practices and learn from a legal expert and demonstrated leader who has taught hundreds of students to get in and win in the digital cash economy. Especially those historically excluded and left on the sidelines of tech and finance.


It’s YOUR time to shine.