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A Warning to Lawyers!

What You Don’t Know about Blockchain & Crypto Assets is Putting Your Client Base, Bottom Line and Future Growth at Risk

The legal landscape in the crypto asset economy is moving fast. And not just in finance and banking. Crypto and blockchain’s disruptive impact is affecting every area of law, including (and especially!) intellectual property.

Intellectual property lawyers, in particular, have to get up to speed with the fast-evolving technology as it continues to challenge existing laws and norms of creation, branding and invention. Those who are not up to date with the latest blockchain and crypto asset developments, and their impact on IP portfolios and strategies, are certain to face numerous setbacks and challenges in their ability to zealously represent and problem solve for their existing clients.

Lawyers who are not well versed on the intersection of IP and Web3 technologies risk quickly becoming irrelevant.

Professor Evans trains hundreds of WIPO lawyers and staff about blockchain + crypto in 2018

If you do not stay up to date with crypto asset and blockchain technology–including the regulatory landscape in the United States and abroad–or at least have someone on your team or in your orbit to help navigate this fast-moving digital economy, you will face several challenges, including:

In 2017, I began exploring the intersection of IP and blockchain technology. I have covered the topic in numerous publications and also on numerous episodes of my podcast, Tech Intersect (listen to an episode here).

I am not a technologist but I am clear that as the next iteration of the internet is being developed, the savviest (and ultimately most successful) IP lawyers will keep pace with the creators and innovators who are blazing new trails in the future of work, wealth, invention and creativity.

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