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Crypto Winter Compass Masterclass

Monday, January 2, 2023

So … real talk.

Did you jump into crypto at the height of the “get in or get left” FOMO hype cycle?

Or maybe you bought every token version of a penny stock in the hopes of catching that next rocket to the moon.

Or you tried day or swing trading to time the 24/7/365 global emerging market that never sleeps?

And then … the latest crypto winter came. And values plummeted (like stocks, the housing market … whew) while consumer prices and inflation soared.

And the unrelenting news cycle? It unearthed centralized exchange scammers that put Madoff and Enron to shame and bankruptcies that left optimistic, eager investors holding the speculative bag. AKA “wrecked”.

But you still believe in the long-term power and promise of virtual currencies, decentralized finance and blockchain’s essential role as the Web3’s distributed infrastructure.

Now what?

Great question! Start here.

Join me for this free Crypto Winter Compass™ Masterclass for answers as we look ahead to 2023.


  • How I survived TWO bear markets (been there, done that)
  • The history of crypto bear/bull cycles
  • How to vet coins, tokens and blockchain projects
  • To self-custody & HODL vs earn on centralized platforms
  • Is dollar cost averaging worth it in a bear market?
  • Digital asset safety best practices
  • Special masterclass-only opportunity to take a deeper dive

I look forward to helping you learn and leverage so you can thrive in crypto winter and prepare for the next bull run. You’re ready to reboot and grow, so let’s go!

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