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Unlock the Digital Economy: Your VIP Onboarding to Cryptocurrency Mastery

Welcome to the forefront of financial innovation. Our exclusive From Cash to Crypto® Onboarding Session is your personalized gateway into the world of cryptocurrency. With a three-hour intensive training session, you and up to four associates will master the essentials of digital currencies and how to navigate this new landscape with confidence.


What You Will Learn:
  • Future of Money Mindset: Harness the first-mover advantage with a transformative financial mindset.
  • Your Foundation: Decrypt the origins of cryptocurrency, differentiate between coins and tokens, and recognize value in a sea of over 40,000 digital assets.
  • Your Tools: Equip yourself with the securest wallets and exchanges. Engage in transactions with precision and safeguard your digital wealth.
  • Your Protection: Navigate legalities and regulations like a pro. Understand the security protocols and tax implications to protect your investments.
  • Ready? Set. GO!: Transition from spectator to savvy investor. Learn the timeworn strategy of “buy low, sell high,” and sidestep the pitfalls of market hysteria.


Primary Participant: $1,500 (1:1 VIP coaching)

Each Additional Session Participant: $500 (maximum 5 per session)

ONLY 5 VIP Slots Available for 2023